The Beard Care Products You Need To Have

Most women would rather have a man who looks clean and freshly shaven. But at this age and time, we have seen the increase of popularity of bearded men. Thanks to those celebrities who have been rocking tailored-length facial hair like Ben Affleck, Jason Momoa, David Beckham, John Hamm, George Clooney, Dusan Susnjar, and countless others. And if you are one of those who secretly desires to be more appealing to your female friends by growing a beard, if not maintaining it well if you already have, you need to have the best beard care products to help you accomplish your goal.

Beard Care Products

More Women Prefer To Date Men With Beard

Many studies indicated that women of today prefer to date more rugged-looking men that their clean-shaven counterparts. And there are some good reasons for that. Other than the part that says that these men look more powerful and convincing, there are several more positive aspects of having a facial hair that encourages even more men, even the younger ones to grow any type of facial hair. Whether it be a chin strip, a goatee, a chevron, an original stache, or even a full-beard, more men are getting in the habit of keeping their facial hair looking well-groomed.

Maybe you are wondering what could be so special with a beard or any other form of facial hair? Well, following are some reasons why many women prefer men with some beard growth than otherwise.

1. Men with beard are perceived to be more patient. It takes some time to grow a beard and it requires a lot of discipline to maintain its appeal. It requires that man to be calm and collected to enjoy the charm that comes from growing a beard.

2. Men with beard are noted to be more understanding. Having a beard means following a specific grooming routine. You can’t just wait for the strands of hair to grow on your face wherever and however they would rather go. You’ll need trim, tame, and transform your facial hair to something that will complement your face and your overall look. Thus, it requires a lot of understanding to accomplish this.

3. Bearded men are seen to be sexy. Sources indicate that many women find men with a beard to be more appealing than their clean-shaven counterparts. One particular study conducted in 2008 by Neave and Shields revealed the effects of facial hair on women’s perception of attractiveness, masculinity, as well as dominance.

The results of the research indicate that women perceive those with a light stubble to be most appealing. These men are also considered a better partner. Men with full beards are noted to be more masculine, aggressive, and also older. Those with light beards are considered the most dominant of all those men, however.

In general, men with some form of facial hair are associated with positive characteristics. If you want to be seen as these men, you will need to make sure that your facial hair will be looking at its best every time.

Beard Care Products You Need To Have

Keeping the right tools and supplements handy and following an appropriate grooming routine will help ensure that you will feel most comfortable and be more appealing with the facial hair growing on your face.

Since you cannot just pick the first beard care kit that you will  see on the beauty counter or the search results, you need to understand which of those options available will give you the maximum benefit.

First of all, you need to consider the ingredients in every product that you intend to buy. Remember that every skin and hair type requires specific supplements. Make sure that what you will be putting on your beard will be most helpful in bringing out its best look.

You’ll also want to consider the content of the kits available. Which of those available choices will give you the most advantage? Check the packaging. Can  you conveniently bring all of the tools and other products if ever you need to go on a long trip?

Then, of course, you will need to consider the cost of the kit. Will it be more practical to buy each of the tools separately? Consider the pros and cons of each kit, as well as when you just purchase all that you will need separately.